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bello Chatbots

Try Bello bot now and see exactly how your business can level up customer enagement marketing, sales and support using Facebook Messenger.

Facer face Recognition

Forensic Face Recognition Solution that can identify threats and crime. Highly accurate, scalable, private and secure.

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A Scalable Engine​

In a nutshell, AI’s promise is that it creates the possibility that automated processes and intelligent tools can reduce monotonous and time-consuming manual tasks.

Bello Chatbot Kerala AI Company

Transparent AI

Unlike other solutions, Recode AI's Bello Bot is accessible and actionable, making it easy to deploy and manage.

Bello Messenger Bot

AI Chatbots and Virtual Agents

While other customer service chatbot software limits users to predefined scripts, Recode AI's Bello Bot delivers personalized, dynamic customer conversations.

Bello Facebook Marketing

Engage Everywhere​

Start with one engagement channel or eight.Recode AI's Bello Bot break a sweat supporting your customers, no matter how many ways they want to interact.

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Government of Kerala initiated the startup movement through Kerala Startup Mission by forging and implementing forward-looking policies for creating a vibrant start up ecosystem in the state primarily to foster the growth of innovation lead technology entrepreneurship.