Customer engagement is one of the most important aspects of any business. Any business can be superior or inferior based on the quality of customer engagement and customer interaction. It’s a priority for every business to focus and accelerate virtual engagement strategies by putting pressure on digital touchpoints and digital channels.

In today’s digital world, It is important to keep an eye to the customer service approach. They expect exceptional customer service 24*7. The better you serve, the more customers cling to your brand. Over the years, We come across numerous ways to make better customer engagement but the introduction of Conversational AI is something special.

The most important focus of every business is people. Every business needs to cater their customers by unlocking empathy, trust and loyalty. Activating those insights with digital tools such as Conversational AI can exponentially improve efficiency.

Conversational AI refers to a type of artificial intelligence designed to help software understand and interact with people in the most effective way as possible — using natural language. It enables businesses to deliver automated and personalised communication experiences using voice assistants, chatbots and messaging apps.

AI is changing the face of Human-computer interaction. Conversational AI is a smart assistant communicating with your customers, understanding their requirements and assisting them accordingly. One of the most significant advantages of Conversational AI over prevalent rule-based bots is the identification of user contexts and intentions. Thus they can deliver the intended personalised reply to the user’s query.

The adoption rate of Conversational AI is very trending in business nowadays. Brands need new ways to catch up with a larger share of the market. Integrating Conversational AI to the webpages, social media pages or any customer-facing touchpoints can eliminate the need of page hopping or heavily click-driven approach to interaction. Customers can simply ask an AI-enabled bot to find what they need rather than performing multiple actions and browsing through heaps of irrelevant information.

Conversational AI not only provides friendly and easy to use approach solutions for users but there are various other reasons for companies to prefer this technology.

  • Saves time — Conversational AI provides quick response and fast customer service which attracts customers all around globally.

  • Easy real-time access — Customers can seamlessly connect with a chatbot and access the required information very quickly.

  • Increases efficiency — Conversational AI helps to improve operational and customer support efficiency which improves the overall efficiency of a business.

  • Online relationship management — Companies can manage customer interaction and branding engagement through synchronized and personalised conversations.

  • Efficient management of customer query — Conversational AI can efficiently manage the customer needs and solve it appropriately through a continuous learning process.

  • Handles the entire customer cycle — Conversational AI covers the complete loop, from seeking product information to sharing product feedback.

Nowadays, customers want products and services delivered immediately and effortlessly. No one prefers a ‘prolonged buying journey’. This shift is significantly altering the expectation from brands as well. By integrating Conversational AI into brands today enables users to interact through speech, text, gesture etc.

AI-enabled conversational interfaces can be found in many domains such as News and Media, Healthcare, E-commerce, Retail, Finance etc, RECODE AI SOLUTIONS helps to build a better understanding with the user in the intended domains. Continuous advancement in Conversational AI provides more accurate information to customers as well as B2B applications. Eventually, it eliminates the need for human operators involved in customer service through synchronous conversations and human-like discussions…!

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