Disrupting News Channel- Anderson’s Journey.

Mr Anderson started a Local News Channel.

He worked for a renowned News channel for the past 31 years.

He earned lots of experience and expertise in the technical as well as managerial areas within the span, that is the only strength he has to start his own News channel.

The News channel started creating its existence in the local community, people started recognizing it.

His audience base is growing on a day to day basis.

In order to capture more audience, he put a lot of effort. He did different types of marketing methods, he tried numerous SEO Tools available in the market, he spends almost every way to reach his goal.

Still, he is not getting the expected outcome.

One day, he met his old colleague Mr Jackson from a coffee shop nearby.

He is a good well-wisher of Mr Anderson.

Both of them were very happy to see each other after long years.

After discussing many topics, his colleague asked about his new venture. Suddenly Mr Anderson kept silence.

Even though he had a rich industry experience, now something is bothering him seriously.

Both of them stepped out of the coffee shop and went directly to the News channel’s office.

Mr Jackson tried to figure out the problem after analysing all the pain points of the company.

He understood that capturing new subscribers, engaging and retaining the existing ones is the prevalent problem.

Mr Jackson advised him to incorporate the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between the audience and news channel, ie CHATBOTS in his websites, social media pages etc.

Mr Anderson was very much pleased with that idea. He took the next step to implement it in every customer touchpoints.

These are the advantages he got after implementing Conversational AI Chatbots : Chatbots helped him to generate 17.5% of the revenue through the personalized recommendation system.

It is capable of providing 24*7 audience engagement and boosts ad revenue by 25%.

It helped him to reduce marketing efforts and expense through chat blasts.

Helped him to offer a personalized experience to his audience.

These conversational AI chatbots helped his business to stay in trend.

It offered high Click-Through-Rate for his news articles.

Chatbot monitors customer data and gives him better business insights.

It was seamlessly integrated with his existing webpages, social media pages.

It interacts in a friendly way and builds a good rapport with his customers.

Now Mr Anderson is a happy and successful man in his business. Chatbot helped him to capture the right customers in a great way.

Within the past month, he landed with 200k new subscribers.

He could able to send 10 million personalised news articles.

From the data insights, Mr Anderson came to know his reader’s preference, what they loved to see. This made him focus more on such type of news articles.

He expanded his News channel in wide demography with a huge customer base.

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